Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back in the crate

For a week or so, life was VERY good. I would lounge downstairs until the wee hours with Dad. We'd go on a quick outing to make sure no one or no thing was trespassing on our property and then come upstairs. Dad would put me on the bed, I'd bounce over to Mom to make sure she was awake too and then I'd curl up by Dad's feet to snooze. That all ended the night Dad locked us outside. He knocked on the door, no one came to let us in. His cell phone was dead-what will happen to us I wondered, will they find us covered with bug bites in the morning? Then Dad (being the smart Dad he is) realized he had his ipod and looked on facebook to see if any of his friends were awake. He found one in Texas and he sent her the phone number to call Mom. So at 3:15AM, Mom got a phone call from someone telling her that Dad and I were locked outside. Shortly after, I heard Mom stumbling down the stairs to open the door. She just looked at us and sighed. When we came upstairs, Mom said I had to go in my crate. Dad shut me in and I immediately knew what tactic to use to get back on the bed. I started with my sad soft quiveringly pathetic whimper. This is the one that keeps Mom awake (Dad was already asleep and snoring). Unfortunately, this time Mom was mad and she yelled at me to be quiet. Since then I have not been allowed on the bed again. Sleeping on the bed is awesome. Especially when Mom gets up in the middle of the night. As soon as she leaves the room, I run up and lie on MY pillow. When Mom comes back and tries to move me, I growl, which she ignores and shoos me away. The best is when Bastille comes out of his crate and can't figure out where I am! He hasn't figured out that he can jump up on the bed yet!
    Yesterday, I heard a whole bunch of noise in the kitchen (where they lock up Bastille!). I'll let him tell you about it.
     It is not fair that Mecki gets the whole living room and hallway to hang out in! And I get stuck in the kitchen with no toys and no fun. For a while I just lay on my bed and suffered the boredom. But yesterday, I decided to start a new hobby. For a while there has been a bag of newspaper on the floor in the corner of the kitchen. I think Mom keeps meaning to throw it out but she is so busy and usually forgets. I've ignored it for months. Well today, it became my new hobby! I grabbed that paper and chomped on it, danced on it, ripped it to shreds to redecorate my living area. Mecki came to look at me through the gate to see what I was doing. Eventually Grandpere came down to make tea and apparently disapproved of my redecorating scheme. He picked up all the paper and put the bag back in the corner. How nice I thought, he is giving me another chance to redecorate tomorrow! So this morning, when Mom left, I started up with my hobby again. This time I made smaller shreds! Mom came home and looked surprised when she came in the kitchen. She started gathering up the paper and I helped by pouncing on her hands and trying to hold the paper down for her. I do not think she appreciated it. Plus she did not put my bag of paper back on the floor!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Liberte, Fraternite, Egalite

It's BASTILLE DAY! A whole day named after me! Mom said it really more about the french revolution, but I am creating my own revolution right here.  My revolution is over the right to be super ferocious! (Even though Mom says I am more like a timid little chicken). Mecki used to stomp all over me and drag me around, but not anymore! Now every night at 7:30pm it is ferocious BASTILLE time! I run around like a lunatic while Mecki is lying on the ground all hot and tired. I run over him, I run back and forth in front of him..... I jump on his bed and the couch and bite the pillows and blankets to show how tough I am. Then I pretend to chomp on Mom (but I don't hurt her cause she gives me food). I run around the living room, run into the kitchen, jump up on the couch and Mom (usually at this time Dad yells at me). I bark at him ferociously and then throw myself in front of him and wiggle around to aggravate him!  I think he is starting to get scared of me  ! (Mom says that it is just too hot for Mecki with all his fur, especially since I am part porcupine and throw my fur around the house willy nilly!). Anyway, if you are a nervous type person, do not come over around 7:30pm as you will not doubt be terrified by me and my roaring bark. So what am I looking for?
a) Liberte: the right to romp and stomp all over the place and to cover absolutely everything with little white fur
b) Fraternite: the right to gang up with my big brother Mecki against the cars and people and dogs and squirrels and birds that dare to trespass on OUR territory
c) Egalite: the right to be fed as much as a really big dog (for example, Mecki's friend Rigby). There is not reason why I must starve cause people think I am little