Friday, June 19, 2015

A Gourmet

Everyone who reads this blog should know by now that Mom does not feed me enough! Even though I have gone up to 3/4 of a cup twice a day, I am still starving and virtually on the edge of falling over in a dead faint. Whenever we go outside, I hunt for food. Sometimes kids waiting for the bus dump their extra food outside for me and I eat it. Sometimes I eat some grass or a leaf. I'm not picky, just starving. And inside, I have been warned not to touch what is in Mecki's bowl (but that doesn't stop me from going after his crumbs or picking up the "energy/vitamin rich" pellets from his food that he doesn't like and dumps outside the bowl). And I ALWAYS look forward to bed, cause I get a cookie!
     Well last night, Mom took me out for my final walk. My last chance before bed to grab some grub to tide me over. As soon as we went outside, I stopped because there was a snail on the steps! Now others (such as Mecki) may not consider snails food (well he is a german dog). I however, am French! And we eat everything, including SNAILS aka Escargot! Mom must have seen me eyeing that snail though, cause she pulled me down the steps and far away (plus she  very rudely kicked the snail into the flowerbed!). So yes, I was forced to go to bed hungry yet again.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dog Days Part Zwei (or Deux if you're Bastille)

Have I ever mentioned how exhausting having fun is? Yesterday was Dog Days and I am still tuckered out. Last night I was too tired to go upstairs to bed with Mom, so I stayed with Dad. Mom came down at 3:30am , took me out for a walk and then had to carry me upstairs cause I collapsed at the foot of the stairs. I don't know how Bastille still had energy last night. When we got home, Mom gave us some peanut butter ice cream! I sat there and licked mine until it was gone. Bastille grabbed the entire ice cream in his mouth and ran around trying to chew and swallow.
   It was a lot of fun, and I think by the end, Bastille was too tired to try to eat everyone! Grace took some really good photos of me (It helps that I am so photogenic) and I even let her photograph my face (we all know that my bottom is the most represented in photos!). Here I am in all my glory!

 I like hanging out under the bench Mom is sitting on, cause it's nice and cool under there. Plus some people came by with a smaller long haired dachshund and recognized what I was!
 Here I am making people happy by letting them give me belly rubs-good for lowering blood pressure too! Mom is always surprised by how blond I am when upsidedown.

And of course there are some photos of me and my bff (he could be a professional model! He always strikes the perfect pose!)

It is also amazing how many cousins Rigby meets, they are everywhere! Bastille even met some cousins! I only meet very distant cousins as there are not a lot of wire haired standard dachshunds around!

 Here a boxer puppy tried to come between me and my bff! I sprang into action to protect him!

Oh yeah, Grace took some of Bastille too, but I'll let him discuss them.
Finally! Mecki talks way too much. There are some good photos of me too!
 I spent most of my time trying to get to Rigby! For some reason, he wanted nothing to do with me! I think Mecki has been spreading rumors about me being a piranha and a vampire! Plus Mom brought the super short leash so I had to stretch out as far as I could to even get close!

 Finally I got his attention! He was pretty much pretending not to see me!

 Still trying to get to Rigby! Have to look both ways before crossing! It was a super hot day and I have to thank Dad for stopping to give me frequent water and breathing breaks!

 What is Mom's obsession with trees? Although I did kinda like being up high and if no one was holding my leash I probably could have climbed to the top of the tree.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dog Days at Old Westbury Gardens-Part 1

I knew today was going to be awesome when I saw Mom approaching with both my harness and my big boy leash-the super long one! After Mom put my harness on, I ran around the living room howling and barking-all excited to get going. Mom got Bastille and put him on a short leash-HA! I thought, he won't be able to get anywhere! Then we got in the car and went to Old Westbury Gardens. After we parked and got out, there were dogs everywhere! I anxiously looked around for my bff Rigby and his family, but didn't see them. I have to warn them about Bastille, I thought, and dragged Mom towards our meeting spot, Rigby's wall. Everyone was there! Rigby, his Ma and Pa and Grace! I got to say hello to everyone while Mom stood behind the wall. Bastille tried his hardest to jump up on the wall and almost made it several times-all the while he was shrieking and carrying on. Mom managed to take a few photos, but I'm sure Grace took some too!
Mecki was barking and howling and I had no idea what was going on. Mom took us out to the car and we went for a ride. When we got out there were tons of people and tons of dogs! I didn't know who to chomp on first! We walked up to a wall and I saw Grace and her family.Then I saw a blond head. That must be Mecki's bff Rigby I thought, should I tell him that I've replaced him? I tried to get over the wall to exert my dominance but it was a little too high. Grace was very impressed with my upper body strength though and my lungpower (I was shrieking a bit). It was a very hot day and Dad made me take a lot of water breaks which was really nice of him.

 Here I am hanging out with Rigby and his PA-notice how we are in the shady bits-it was hot out! I thought Bastille was going to explode from the heat!

 Here comes Dad and Bastille tromping through the daffodils! Rigby and I prefer to do other things to the daffodils. I got to stomp through flowers! That was awesome!

 And best of all, here is Bastille being tormented by Mom and being stuck in the same tree Mom stuck me in last year! I looked much cuter of course. In fact, here are my tree photos from last year just so you can see how much cuter I am!

And now Bastille in the same tree...

Mecki better not be laughing at me. I will chomp on him!

 And finally, here I am getting my well deserved belly rubs from Rigby's MA and Grace. It always makes people feel better to rub my belly!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Squeaky Toys (aka Bastille)

Mom gave us our squeaky toys from Aunt Carol so we could play with them. Usually, Bastille is my favorite squeaky thing to chew on, but his noises are not as satisfyingly squeaky! There was a donut and a hamburger. Bastille was chewing on my antler, but decided to be his normally rude self and steal BOTH squeaky toys (even though his mouth is too small to make them squeak!). Mom of course took some photos

 These are our "Game Faces". We see the squeaky toys....we await the squeaky toys....Focus is everything....

Here I am rescuing my antler from Bastille while he is focused on his bone and the donut.

Here is Bastille with the Hamburger (that he can't even squeak!) I think he is trying to bang it against Dad's foot to make it squeak.

Here he is after having grabbed BOTH squeaky toys! Fortunately I had my antler!
I only want the squeaky toys because Mecki had them. I WANT everything that Mecki has!