Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finally fun in the snow!

Well Mom FINALLY let us outside to play in the snow. I've been waiting since Tuesday! Bastille, not so much, but I convinced him that he could eat whatever suet fell from the bird feeder and he agreed to go play in the snow. He is such a baby! Mom made him wear his sweater and his coat! I didn't even want to put my coat on, but she made me!

 I am NOT a baby, I am really the alpha dog only no one believes me! It's just that Mecki has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fur than me! I'm surprised that I have any fur left at all the way it sticks to Mom and Dad, and it is VERY cold outside for a small pup! At least there was some stuff to eat since Mom insists on starving me. I also found the container of blueberries that Dad had put on the floor for Mecki and I ate them all up!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A new bed

Mom brought home a new bed. I think it is because Bastille is very bad and keeps peeing on mine. Quite rude in my opinion. Mom has to keep washing it! Anyway the new bed is awesome because it smells just like my bff Rigby! When she first brought it home, I thought that Rigby must be hiding somewhere and looked all over for him. Then I stood in front of the bed and did the slow and happy tail wag that sweeps from side to side. Here I am enjoying it, even though Mom had banished it and me to the kitchen because I was soggy from insisting on rolling in the snow. Fortunately Bastille is still in his pen cause he is not to be TRUSTED around beds!

Here are Bastille and I playing before the big snow!  Last night Mom was laughing when she brought us inside after our 7:30pm walk. Bastille was in my way (as usual!) so I went under him to get into the living room. This meant that he got a ride on my back until he fell off.
I think that it is quite unfair that Mecki gets all the good stuff! I was trying to claim the bed for myself by peeing on it! I have already peed on the bed in my pen area in the kitchen so that no one else would want it. It is not that I do not want to be housebroken, I just don't like the snow or the cold ! I don't think that I should be forced to do my business out in the cold when I can do it inside where it is warm!

Monday, December 29, 2014

A very good christmas

Today Mom took AT, me and Bastille to the library to see my bff Grace! It was a lot of fun even though Bastille had a fit and was very nippy to people. That didn't bother me, cause then more people pet me cause I DON'T BITE! Mom took some photos of us after the library and the bank (where we got doggie biscuits!)

 This is a christmas photo of Dad and Bastille under the Doctor Who blanket!

This is us after the library and the bank-it was exhausting saying hello to everyone! Bastille likes his little bed. I had a small red bed that my Grandma bought me-but then I ate it!
This is the toy that Mom and Dad scared me with last year! Bastille just tried to eat it! video

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mecki is right

Mecki is right! Mom is super mean! A couple of nights ago she tried to choke me to death! I saw that she had a box of treats. So I bounced up and down in my pen to get her attention. She ignored me of course. She went and gave Mecki a dog biscuit and it smelled really good. Finally she came and got me out of my pen. She offered me a doggy biscuit and I INHALED it! And it was so big that I couldn't breathe! I was choking and gasping for air, but then I managed to spit part of it out. Was Mom worried at all? She just said, in a very mean voice, "Little piggy you need to learn to chew!". Even Mecki thought that was a little rude.
  Actually, I  agree more with Mom. Bastille should learn some manners. He wants to eat EVERYTHING! Mom has been giving me a treat, and he has run over and grabbed it out of my mouth. And he always tries to eat MY food too. But then again, Mom can be mean.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A new bed

A new bed does not make up for the fact that, 
a) Mom sent me away and I had to sleep somewhere else for a night
b) She is making me wear the cone of shame
c) something feels/seems different about me, but I can't put a paw on it, Mecki suggested that I check for dewclaws, but mine are still here!
d) I did NOT get fed!

Anyway, I now have a nice soft bed to lie on in my wooden box. And Mom was nice enough to put it in the corner that I lie in, cause it is by the radiator and nice and warm. Mom had tricked me into the car cause I like to go for rides. But then we ended up at the Vet and someone came and took me from Mom. And didn't bring me back! They put me in a crate and didn't feed me. Then they took me out and I took a long nap but when I woke up, stuff didn't feel right. And no one gave me any food. Then the next day I got a miniscule amount of food but then I saw Mom! She came back for me! Mom said she missed my snoring. We went home and Mecki said he missed me too! Mom refused to give me all my food too! But after eating I got a piece of cheese!

I think that this time I was very lucky not to go for a ride in the car. When Mom took Bastille out, I was angry, cause I like to go for rides. But when Mom came home, there was no Bastille! I just thought that Mom was tired of his biting. And that night I got to lounge on the couch with Mom, Dad and Grandpere without fear of someone chomping on me. That night when I went to bed, it was a wee bit quieter too, without Bastille snoring (although Dad made up for that!). The next morning, I had forgotten there was no Bastille and when I ran over to his (really mine) crate , it was empty. Later that day, Bastille was back! I guess Mom decided to give him another chance. He smells a little different and he said he felt a little different but we couldn't figure out what had changed. I told him to check his dewclaws cause Mom is sneaky about stuff like that.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A visitor

We got another visitor. It was my Aunti Joan. She stopped by to give me lots of pets and hugs and belly rubs. Oh and she said hi to Bastille too. Mom has been very busy lately so she hasn't written much about us. While she was on vacation, I ate my Grandpere's beret-he is staying with us-and it was very tasty.
   Since Mecki is busy being super nice to everyone and eating berets, I came up with a job for me. I protect the family from LEAVES OF EVILNESS! Whenever I am outside playing or taking a walk with Mom, I make sure that any leaves that are hanging around or dare to blow near us and swiftly taken care of and destroyed! I lunge, chase , bite and shred! Mom said that I am doing a very good job!