Monday, September 15, 2014

Just wait until I gain 15 more pounds!

Mecki better watch out! Every day I'm getting bigger and soon he won't be able to stomp all over me! Here are some movies of us having fun!
Bastille seems to be getting bigger every day! I think it is because he is always trying to steal my food. In fact he is always trying to steal everything that I am playing with! It is quite rude! Plus he gets way to angry about being squashed! He needs to learn that he is the 2nd puppy, not the 1st  like me!
video video

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And when I was bad, I was very very bad...

I have been a very bad puppy this weekend-at least according to Mom. Although you couldn't tell by looking at me, I am that cute and cuddly!
 Here is what I did:
1. discovered that I can completely shred and rip to pieces all the newspaper in my pen. Mom said she  might rent me out as a shredder!
2. Stole a carrot and a piece of apple from Mecki's bowl, with no regrets!
3. Created a new game called "I'm not touching you!". I play this when Mecki is chilling out and not gnawing on my appendages. I run towards him but swerve off at the last minute. I do this continuously until he gets annoyed and chases me and chomps on my appendages.
4. I attacked Mecki ferociously after taunting him into chasing me and bit him in the ear.
5. I followed Mecki around and tried to take food out of his mouth and grabbed every toy he was playing with so he didn't have anything. Then I munched on his antler!
6. I stood on the couch and "barked" at Mecki and tried to bite him when he tried to jump up.
Also apparently, Mecki complained to Mom about me living in the penthouse and I got evicted! Now my crate is on the floor by Dad's side of the bed. I don't have to listen to Mecki whine anymore, but Dad snores really loud! Mom made me come out of my crate on my own, without dragging me. When we come upstairs from our nighttime outings, she puts me on the floor and I run right into my crate!

It has been a very long weekend. First of all I was sick this morning due to the fact that I steal Bastille's crocodile whenever I can and ate an appendage. That did not agree with me.  Plus Bastille has been very very rude this weekend. I spend a great deal of time trying to teach him a lesson or two by chewing on his appendages! But he is very feisty and bites back! Plus he steals all my toys so I don't feel bad about grabbing the crocodile! At least Mom listened to me and moved him. He kept me awake with all his bouncing and cardboard shredding above me.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Outside 2 times this morning!

Last night Mom and Dad went out and didn't come home until very late. I was very sad and didn't even eat my dinner until I heard the key turn in the kitchen door! Then I ran to my bowl and munched. Sadly, there was no play time, only a walk and right on up to bed.
  This morning however, Mom must have felt bad. She let Bastille and I play outside twice this morning! It was a lot of fun as I bounced all over Bastille!

I can't wait until I am bigger and can bounce all over Mecki! We were playing outside and Mom called us over. I wasn't going to stop playing until I saw she had the snack bag! Mecki and I ran over and we got treats! I tried to jump up and eat Mecki's treats but Mom said "NO"  and pushed me back down. Here are some videos of me attacking Mecki.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I've been practicing my acrobatics outside! Mom let me and Mecki outside to play, but Mecki got tired of me jumping on him and biting him so he went inside. That left me alone to play. I grabbed Dad's sneakers and ran around and did a summersault!
video video
I've also been practicing my sneak attacks. I wait until Mom is busy and then lunge and chomp on her! It makes her jump!
 Usually in the morning, I whine when Mom goes outside with Bastille. This morning, Mom let me outside too. But Bastille is always trying to jump on me or bite me, so I ran to the kitchen door and she let me back inside.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Learning how mean Mom is

Well, I must say that Mecki was entirely right when he warned me about Mom being mean. I have been so sweet and snuggly yet she insists on a) calling me a vampire piranha and b) hauling me out of my warm and comfy crate at midnight and at 5AM, taking me outside into the dark and buggy backyard and forcing me to "go potty". Mecki told me that his friend Grace had gone to an aquarium and took a picture of a piranha , saying that she saw Bastille. That is rude enough, but then I saw what Mom had done to the piranha photo! Look at these two photos and you will see Mom's rudeness!

Here I am in all my adorableness! And see how mean Mom is-she's holding my head so I can't move and "ruin" the photo. She didn't even let me show my good side! 
Now here is the photo Grace took of the piranha-and look what Mom did! She changed it into a mean drawing of me! I tried to get Mecki to agree with me about Mom's meanness, but he is still mad at me for using him as a) a trampoline: I ran over, jumped on his back and then jumped off and b) riding him like a horse: I ran over and jumped on his back and just lay there until he looked over his shoulder in shock and ran off, which made me fall off.
Having a little brother is just too exhausting. And yesterday, he tromped all over my water bowl and spilled water all over the kitchen floor, plus he also had an accident-which is quite rude as I like to lie on the kitchen floor! And he gets waaaaaaaaaay too much attention! He gets to go outside several times at night! No one lets me out of my crate!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Teaching Bastille the important stuff

Yesterday I decided to be a good big brother and teach Bastille something important. He doesn't know about the joys of chomping on a well weathered (some would call it vintage) sneaker. Dad's sneakers have been outside since last summer, so they have had time to gain even more stinkiness! So yesterday, I ran over to Bastille with a sneaker and played with him.

Mecki introduced me to Dad's stinky sneakers yesterday and it was awesome! We ran around chomping on the sneaker! I tried to get it away from Mecki but he is bigger and stronger than me. It was a lot of fun. Then I heard a noise and saw Mom was in the backyard too! So I ran over to say hello!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Yesterday was a fun day, first  of all Mom gave me a treat from my Aunt Mary! It was a tasty chew stick (and Bastille didn't get one!). Bastille is very cheeky. He won't let me play with his crocodile, but he steals all my toys and jumps all over me! Mom let us play outside yesterday but she was mean and didn't tell us that the sprinkler was on by the grapes. We were running and jumping all over the place when all of a sudden we got wet! Bastille doesn't like the water either. Mom took a lot of movies of us playing. I'm trying to teach Bastille his place, but he just pops back up whenever I bowl him over or lie on him. He has not figured out that I am the Alpha dog!
   Today I am 12 weeks old! I think that I am getting bigger and should be allowed to roam free. Apparently Mom and Dad do not agree and Friday morning, Dad made the walls of my pen much higher! Now I can't even see out! People could be having fun in the kitchen and I would not know! Now I have to bounce up and down in an attempt to see out! Mom let me play outside with Mecki yesterday and it was so much fun (even if I did run into the fire pit and bounce off it!). I have a new routine with Dad now. When we are on the couch, I do laps. I run from Mom, over to Dad and then climb up Dad to his head, check to see if he is eating anything that he might want to share, give him a kiss, run back down Dad and over to Mom, repeat endlessly! Mostly I am just trying to keep an eye on Mecki! Mom took some videos of us playing so you can see how much fun we had.

 Mecki has a lot more toys than me! I try to steal them when I can.