Monday, February 8, 2016

More snow!

This is turning into a great winter! Lots of snow for me to wiggle around in! In fact, Mom had us dressed in our sweaters and she let me run free in the backyard, well I hurled myself into the snow. I rolled on my back, I rolled on my front and buried myself. I was one big snowball when I was done. Sadly Mom banished me to the kitchen cause the snow had bonded with my fur and sweater and she could not get the sweater off me!
Here are some videos of us playing in the snow. I think Bastille is starting to like the snow.
There is a lot of snow out there. Mom put my "candycane" sweater on and let me outside. I didn't want to go in the deep snow but Mecki made me! video video
Last night Mecki tried to get me in trouble. Mom had give us half a cookie and then put the box back under the tv. I was snuffling around for crumbs cause no one feeds me enough. Mom walked into the kitchen and Mecki grabbed the box of cookies and threw it on the floor. Grandpere yelled NO! I froze and Mom came in to find cookies all over the floor. She picked them up before I could grab one. Mom was very surprised to find out it was Mecki and not me who did that!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Fun in the snow!

Unlike my tall and handsome friend Rigby, it is a wee bit harder for Bastille and I to get around in the snow. But Mom dug out a little area for us and Dad used the snowblower so Mom could take us out for a walk. We thanked her by dragging her on some ice and knocking her down in front of the neighbors. It was fun! video
The best part was when I got to climb Mount Daddy! Mom helped me up and then I ran all over Dad and stuck my bottom in his face! Dad was scared!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mecki's Christmas

My christmas was much better than Bastille's cause I didn't get clothes! I got an antler (but decided that I liked Bastille's better so ate his), a bone with cheese and bacon in it, bully sticks and chicken from my bff Rigby! I also got to help Mom wrap presents

 And I got to snuggle with Dad on the couch, and believe me, lately there has NOT been room on the couch for snuggling! Bastille keeps using the couch and Mom as a trampoline when I am chasing him!
Plus I got to see Oma Andrea, Alec and Andre Thomas! So many people to greet and bark at until they show me affection! So overall a good christmas!

Bastille's Christmas

Apparently this was the christmas of clothing. What I asked Santa for was food! A lot of food! I did get some bully sticks, and an antler (which Mecki and I already destroyed), a bone with bacon and cheese in it, and some chicken ( from Rigby). But Mom is very stingy with it!
       Even though it was super warm out, Mom got me a red parka...
 I'm not sure how I feel about it. She made me try it on at the store so it wasn't a complete surprise! Then later I got a raincoat from my Aunt Mary (along with other doggie shirts - of which Grace said some were a lie, I'm assuming she meant the "naughty" one and not the "nice" or "dear santa, I was a very good dog for christmas" one.  Mom said I looked very cute in my raincoat!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Dad's party

Dad had a party on Saturday. Mom was a little worried about how many people I would try to eat, but Dad was one step ahead. He gave all the party people treats. Whenever I walked over to someone, they would give me a treat! It was awesome! I have never been fed so well (cause I also managed to beat Mecki to any food that was dropped).

It was one of the best days ever! Plus then Dad made a fire! Mecki doesn't like smoke and fire so he stayed inside with Grandpere. It was a bit windy, so I ran around chasing orange glowing things (Mom said they were embers. I chomped on whatever ones I could get. When Mom finally took me upstairs to bed, I was so tired that I fell asleep (snoring LOUDLY) before she even turned the lights out! When Dad brought Mecki up, Mecki was tired too, so tired that he would not get up and go outside Sunday morning.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

An adventure without Mom and Dad!

But first a short ( and we mean short) video. Dad gave me a new rope toy, which Bastille had to steal almost instantly! We managed to share it a bit.
     On Saturday, Bastille and I had a great adventure! I can't go into specifics (cause Mom and Dad are not exactly sure how we managed to have this adventure) but we SNUCK OUT! Dad thought Mom left the gate open (but she does not like us to have fun, so it wasn't her). We snuck out the short gate in the backyard and ran over to the neighbors! Now I am a super friendly dog, so I ran to the back steps and sat there, waiting for someone to come out and say hi. Meanwhile, Bastille (aka the mean one) ran around being mean. Dad heard the neighbor yelling his name and went out to see him trying to herd the "mean" dog back into the yard. Dad finally got Bastille back in and then tried to figure out where I was. The neighbor said the "nice" dog is sitting on my back steps! So Dad came and got me. When Mom came home, Dad asked her if she had left the gate open and she said no. So it is a big mystery to Mom and Dad.
     It was a lot of fun! I got to scare the neighbors! I can hear them over there , but I can't get to them!  I have news to tell too. Mom took me to the vet. I was happy about riding in the car, but not so happy about being weighed! I do not like that shiny metal scale and my claws make a bad noise. Mom and the nurse had to guess my weight as I was jumping around so much. They settled on 19lbs. The doctor said that I was not going to get any bigger and that I was the perfect weight! I was hoping to gain a few pounds so that I could stomp on Mecki. He always wins our battles! Then the vet gave me a lot of shots (but Mom brought some treats for me so it wasn't that bad).He also said I had normal teeth (Mom wanted to know cause she's never heard me chew!) So all in all, not a bad time.