Friday, July 25, 2014

The Eye of the Tiger

Bastille is starting to get a bit ferocious! He gets that crazy look in his eye, pushes himself back and then hurls himself at you, teeth first! Mom looks a bit perturbed being that I was such a sweet and loveable puppy! 

I never ran around munching on people! Mom says that she has to go get some bitter apple spray, AT wants to just move straight to the Binoca!
Ever since Mom and Dad took me to the library, I have felt more ferocious! Maybe it was listening to all those people like Grace and Evelyn and Theresa saying how soft and sweet I was. Now, as soon as I get some food into me, I am FULL of energy! This morning I bounced all over the couch trying to chomp (mostly on AT but a little bit on Mecki) Mom's bracelets, necklaces and the blanket! It must be those vitamins giving me ferocious TIGER energy! Mom tried to calm me down by putting me on my back and rubbing my belly, but I wasn't having any of that!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another benefit of being the big brother

I have been approved to hang out in the living room when no one is home! This is great because a) last night calm and sleepy Bastille turned into a bouncy, energetic TIGER with much gnashing of sharp and pointy teeth! This way I can stay out of his way cause he is banished to the kitchen in his pen.(And between you and me, I'm pretty sure that quite soon he'll be able to hurl himself out of the pen!!) b) the living room is carpeted which works quite nicely for scratching ones itchy spots by either wiggling around on it or running and hurling myself into a long slide along it. c) the couch or my toy holder (aka dog bed) are available for extremely comfortable snoozing d) all my toys and my antler are in there to entertain me

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Renting Bastille the penthouse

Last night was awesome! I got to see my Uncle Rob and then Dad let me play with Bastille on the floor! It was a lot of fun. Bastille has obviously spoken to my bff Rigby because he kept whapping me with his paw, just like Rigby! I kept trying to flip Bastille over with my snout. Mom looked worried but Dad ignored her! Last night, AT and I convinced Mom to move Bastille. He was sleeping in my old crate, right across from my condo. But then Mom fell over the crate, broke the door, made a hole in the table that the tv is on-so we were super worried about Bastille getting hurt. I told Mom that I would rent him the penthouse. So now the crate is on top of my crate. I do miss looking at him, but it is much safer away from Mom's clumsiness! 

Here is Bastille practicing being very noisy (like me!) video
Hi! It's me Bastille again! Mom took a video of me trying to find Mecki! Last night I was very good! I woke up at 4am and cried. Mom took me downstairs but I just wanted to play, I didn't even have to go potty. So she took me back upstairs and I went back to sleep. It is fun sleeping in the penthouse! I get to watch Mom toss and turn!
AT took this video of us playing! See how much fun we are having! Mom was not amused!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Benefits of Brotherhood (and a guest blogger)

Being a big brother is very cool and it comes with a LOT of benefits!
1. You get double the attention that you got before!
2. You get to do everything first! When Mom and Dad come home, they say hello to you first, you get let out of the crate first (although I could do without being stuck in the crate first), you get your food and water first...
3. People bring you presents. Yesterday Grandma Linda came over and brought me an awesome stuffed squeaky toy! Since I am the older brother now, I was polite and did not rip it to shreds in front of her. (I waited until she went home). Now it is on Mom's sewing pile. Mom came home with a huge (or maybe Rigby sized!) dog biscuit for me from Grace! It was super tasty!

I'm starting to get used to my little brother. He keeps freaking me out though. I'll be hanging out by his pen sniffing around and keeping an eye on him, and he will suddenly pop up and say hi! It is quite disturbing! Plus he keeps trying to lick me. Doesn't he know about air kisses! I will have to teach him. Mom seems to be settling in although she woke me up at 4am this morning. Apparently Bastille was crying and she went to take him downstairs-only she is very uncoordinated and after she got him out, she tripped over his crate (knocking his door off) and then fell into the tv. Fortunately Bastille was ok, but a little scared. Anyway, Mom took a lot of videos  (as usual) so here they are. After the videos, I told Mom she could write something for Bastille.

video video
Hi, my name is Bastille and my big brother Mecki said I could share his blog. As I am very new to the family, I don't have that much to say. Mom scared me this morning but I got over that. Right now I am just trying to get used to everyone, especially my big brother. I've been practicing my bouncing so I can pop up in the pen to see him. Sometimes he sticks his head in to say hi. At night he gets to sleep in a big big crate. Mine is smaller but it faces his so if I get scared at night I can see him and I feel better. He is very noisy, so I have been practicing being  noisy too. Last night when everyone went away, I practiced my noises. I said, "OW OW OW OW OW!!!" all very loudly. Dad said that the police were going to break down the door to see who was getting a beating! So far I have been hanging out with Mecki and AT. At night I get to snooze on Mom or Dad. Yesterday I met my Grandma Linda who brought me a blue teddy bear to chew on. And Mom gave me a green crocodile from Grace. Mom said that I would like Grace's brother Rigby, but that poor Rigby wouldn't know what to do with 2 rats jumping all over him!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

and introducing my new little brother, Bastille Tessier!

Today everyone went out, and when they came back, they brought me back another  little brother! (Besides my little bro AT!). His name is Bastille. I tried desperately to introduce myself by barking constantly at him-he seems very unimpressed.
 This morning when I saw Dad and AT putting this box together it brought back memories. I wonder why they want to put me back in a box, I pondered. Apparently it is for Bastille.

 I wasn't allowed to come this time. But AT took these photos in the car.

Here he's winking!




He keeps bouncing up in the box and making me jump. I think I kinda like him. I've sniffed him all over and licked him a bit. Mom says she doesn't think she will be sleeping much tonight! And I don't think he is anywhere close to being as cute as me!
  Yesterday though was a MUCH better day. I saw Julien and my Grandma from the Poconos! And then Dad had a huge party with a lot of people (and 3 kids) so I got to run around and bark at everyone! I was very angry when Mom dragged me upstairs to bed, cause everyone was still outside having fun!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sick as a Me!

Before we discuss the horrible events of my sickness, Mom finally found photos of me from my first baseball game in Cleveland!
 Me and my "little brother" AT walk around the field.

Puppy Palooza! Walking around the field!

 The typical bottom shot! With AT and Dad! (Who was wearing a Mets shirt to an Indians game)

 As everyone knows, I HATE water. But it was so hot that I was forced to throw myself into the water bowl.
Now on to my sad sad night. I have not been feeling well. Be warned that this post will be disgusting! I had thrown up several times and was therefore banished to the kitchen. Mom and Dad came home at the same time last night.  I really really needed to go outside, I was NOT feeling well. Dad thought all my noise meant that I wanted to come into the living room, so he let me out (Mom was not happy and then she got even less happy). I ran into the living room and threw up behind the couch. Mom did not appreciate that. She chased me out and started cleaning, but then something horrible happened! My other end exploded too-all over the living room floor (I have only done that once before as a very little pup, and this time it was much much worse). Mom was really unhappy and scooped me up as AT had wisely exited the room! She put me outside and started cleaning the other mess.
Then she came outside to see me. My stomach was still hurting a lot and I was trying really hard to get rid of it. (Now for the yucky part). Mom saw some blood and freaked out (You know how she is with AT's nosebleeds!). She made Dad call the vet and she scooped me up in  towel and we went to the vet.  The vet squeezed my belly, took my temperature (which was quite rude) and then gave me shot! Then they weighed me and I am back to 25 lbs. They said I seemed ok and probably had  just broken some blood vessels when straining (I tried not to listen) and had probably eaten something gross (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Captain Crunch that AT dropped on the floor for me). I got some special canned food and a bottle that makes noise when you shake it and also gives me cheese. Canned dog food is WAY better than kiibble! And I got some rice and after Mom shook the bottle, I got some cheese (which was yummy but seemed to have something crunchy in the middle). Then I got to lie on Mom and Dad's lap the entire night until we went to bed.
P.S. Mom wasn't mad at me, she said it wasn't my fault. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's a heavy load I bear

I'm not embarrassed to say that this antler is wearing me out! It is very heavy and I constantly have to move it away from people (like AT) who try to steal it! Finally I just lay down under the table with the antler (keeping it within safety range!).