Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My clever plan discovered and neutralized by Mom

Today was a sad sad day. Usually I am totally in control and able to put one over on Mom. My cunning plans have always worked and enabled me to trick Mom. Today however, Mom put an end to my best trick. When Mom and I are in the kitchen together, it is fun. I get to eat with her, she gives me lots of scritches and belly rubs and all is well. Sadly, then at some point, Mom will want to leave. This is unacceptable! My plan to thwart this is as follows:
1. Mom gets up and walks towards the baby gate
2. I track her stealthily like a leopard
3. She stops in front of the gate and lifts her right leg to move over the gate
4. I break into a run, jump up and hit the back of her left knee (the only one on the ground) with my front paws-putting all my weight behind them
On a good day, the results are:
Mom's left knee gives way causing her to fall into the baby gate, knocking it over and ending up on the ground.
This: a) lets me escape the kitchen! and b) puts Mom on the ground so I can jump on her and lick her all over.
On a bad day:
I'm a little slow and only get her ankle or foot.

Today however, she ruined my trick forever! She headed towards the gate and I broke into a run. But instead of lifting her leg to go over the gate, she stopped dead in her tracks! This caused me to bounce off her in shock! The worst part was that she turned around and smirked at me before  leaving the kitchen. Now I have to come up with a new cunning plan to mess with Mom!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The good and the bad of Easter

Easter is an interesting holiday. I like it because a) people come over to visit like my Grandpa and my Grandpere, b) Mom and Dad are around c) usually there is tasty food that makes its way into my bowl and d) presents! This year I got a new soccer ball! It is a USA soccer ball and I am all ready for World Cup! I chased the ball all over the living room, down the hallway, into the kitchen-it was so much fun! Then I jumped all over Grandpa and Grandpere! The bad part about this Easter? Where was my food? Everyone went into the dining room to eat. I waited for Mom to bring my food bowl in, but it didn't appear! They all sat down and started eating! And I had nothing to eat. This is quite unfair I thought. So I ran into the living room where Grandpere had thoughtfully left his Easter Basket on the floor and grabbed a wrapped chocolate covered peep. Then I ran to show Mom what I had. Mom came and chased me around in circles, then Dad came and cornered me.

Earlier in the day, Mom let me outside to play. I was lying in the sun, minding my own business and she kept trying to lure me inside. This was annoying cause I just wanted to eat some grass and hang out. She shook a bag of treats at me but I ignored her. Then she came out and held a puparoni in front of me. Suddenly I started to channel my bff Rigby! I grabbed the snack out of her hand and ate it. Mom was very shocked. She went back inside and refused to let me in. I sat in front of the kitchen door and whined sadly until she opened it.

Friday, April 18, 2014

One of my favorite times

I have many favorite times during the day: food time, the times when Mom opens the cheese drawer and sneaks me some cheese, nap time, crazy time, bark at Mom time, steal something I know I'm not allowed to have and run around with it time, antler time...but one of my favorite times happens in the morning. Sometimes, if I'm not overly noisy in the morning, Mom will get up, let me out, and put me on the bed. (Unlike Dad -who loves me more and -who lets me sleep in the bed when Mom is away). If I am lucky, I can run over to my spot (which Mom thinks is hers-how rude!) on the left side of the bed and lie down with my head on my pillows (which Mom also claims are hers). If not, I run up and lie between her and Dad. Regardless, I like to sneeze several times on Mom before settling down for a snooze. This morning I stuck my head under my pillows and licked the sheets. Mom was not happy and said I should do that on Dad's side, but I like to make my side soggy. Sometimes I practice my climbing skills on Mom but today I had bigger things in mind. Then I lay down with my moist nose firmly stuck on Mom's arm and sighed repeatedly so that her arm got warm-she couldn't move her arm cause I was lying on it (a brilliant move on my part). Then I practiced breathing (Mom calls it snoring) like Dad. First I make a couple of deep, loud breathes right into Mom's face. Then I hold my breath for a bit. Then more loud breathes in Mom's face. Then nothing until she thinks that I am not breathing. Then more loud, wet breathes. Eventually my plan works and Mom leaves the bed. This is good cause it is rather crowded with her in it. It's really just big enough for me and Dad. And honestly, she needs the extra time to go get ready for work cause her bedhead is way worse than mine, regardless of what she says.
My bedhead-NOTHING compared to what Mom wakes up with! I'll have to get Dad to snap a photo in the morning for comparison!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing a trick on Mom

Early yesterday morning, Dad and I played a big trick on Mom.It was awesome! Mom got up to get a drink of water. While she was out of the room, Dad opened my crate and put me in the bed. When Mom came back in the room, she put her hand down to pull back the sheet and I licked her hand! She was very surprised! Then she was mad cause I was lying in "her" spot. We all know that side and that pillow are mine! That is where I sleep when she goes away!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dog Days!!!!!!!!!!

So, yesterday when Mom came into the kitchen with my harness I knew it would be one of the BEST. DAYS. EVER!!!!And I was totally right! I was so excited that I ran around the kitchen howling while Mom got ready. That woke up Dad and he came running down to see what was wrong! Mom took me outside and we got into the car. The top was down so I could stand up and look outside and let the wind blow through my fur! We drove and drove and finally pulled into a parking spot. I know this place I thought, this is my bff Rigby's estate! Then Mom said "Who's that?" and pointed next to me. I looked over and there was my bff Rigby, his sister Grace and his Mom. I was so excited that I barked and barked until Mom finally let me out of the car. Getting to see Rigby is awesome, plus I get to play one of my favorite games with his sister. It's called, "so you think you can take a photo of me!" Grace managed to get some good ones-she is very sneaky! Mom took some videos. I decided that since I am a big boy now, I do not need to jump all over Rigby-he seemed a little relieved. Enjoy the photos and movies!



And here are the photos, thanks to Grace!
 Here we are resting a bit
 Here we are dragging our Moms through the estate! So much to smell and see!
 A rare "Mecki's face" photo! Grace is very sneaky!
 You think Rigby can pose? Here is my "I am tots adorbs face!"
Gotcha Grace! Here's a normal shot of me!

Then when Grace was occupied I ran up for a 3D action shot! Mom likes this one!

And once again, running towards Grace! I didn't want her to feel lonely! It was so much fun! I love going to Rigby's estate!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

We're back

Well I finally got Mom out of retirement. How rude was it that she figured she could take time off from my blog and writing about my life! I apologize to all the people who were sad when they had no blog to read. So now we will catch up on stuff. Tomorrow Mom promises to write about my fun day with my bff, (when she put on my harness I knew it would be an awesome day!) but for now watch these exciting movie of me...

video video
Oh, and as you all know how Mom loves to mock me, she is now going to tell you about my run in (literally) with the fire hydrant. Mom and I were outside standing by the fire hydrant. Not to be stereotypical, but it is one of my favorite spots. I was sniffing around, minding my own business when all of a sudden a kid rode by on a skateboard. Now I HAVE to protect my house and I am a hunting dog so if anything moves, I'm after it. I took of running and since we were right by the fire hydrant, I ran full blast into it. I bounced off it, sat down and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Sadly Mom was laughing hysterically so I knew she had seen. I ignored her and tried to run after the kid again, but Mom wouldn't let me.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


This morning Mom was sitting in the kitchen-reading and totally ignoring me! I sat right by her leg and cried pitifully. Every once in a while she would reach down and pet me, but she was NOT giving me her full attention! Finally she asked me if I'd like to go outside and play! I ran right for the kitchen door! She opened it up and let me out. I ran right over to Dad's sneaker and grabbed it. I turned around but Mom was gone. Then she came outside again and chased me! We had a lot of fun as you can see in the video.
Eventually she got tired and tried to make me go inside. But I was having none of that! She'd just ignore me again and read! So I ran around some more. She offered me a cookie and I grabbed it and ran off. But then, she went straight to the sound that always gets me inside (against my better judgement!). She opened the cold cut drawer in the fridge. I heard that sound, froze, and then ran as fast as I could for the kitchen door wondering what kind of cheese she had for me. Sadly there was no cheese, but I did get a peanut butter cookie!