Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Range Bastille

This weekend, Mom told me I was a big boy! Then Dad and Grandpere came and dismantled my house! This was quite disturbing. Are they kicking me out? Then Mom did kick everyone out of the kitchen! She was in there for a long time, moving stuff and making the kitchen smell like the pine trees outside. Then she came out but she wouldn't let Mecki and me back in the kitchen. Plus she moved my bed and all my toys into the living room. Maybe she is getting rid of me? Perhaps because I am not house trained yet? I lay down to ponder this all. A while later, Mom came and took my bed into the kitchen and then went upstairs and brought down my old crate. That went into the kitchen too. Finally, Mom let us back in. I ran in to see what was going on. Everything was different! There was no more wooden pen. Instead, my bed was under the table by the radiator and my old crate was next to it, with some toys inside. Mecki came in and took my rope toy. 

Now I am banned from the kitchen! This is quite unfair. Not that I want to hang out in there or anything. But Bastille is in romping around and I can't get to him! Plus he was very rude and peed in my bed again. I just wanted to get in there and steal his toys!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Polar dogs

Mom apparently thinks it is cold outside, but I disagree. If she would just let me outside to play I would be in heaven. But no, she drags me (and my wimpy little brother) Bastille outside for walks and is then annoyed when we take to long to do what we have to do.  Bastille just spends his time shivering. That is because he has NO fur-his fur seems to be everywhere but on his body. Even when Mom sticks a sweater or coat on him, he still shivers. I guess Mom felt bad for him, cause she made him a coat. She made me a coat but I am too fond of the snow to wear it.
     It is VERY cold outside! Mom made me a coat out of polar fleece but she got the wrong kind of velcro and it didn't stay on. It was very warm though and I hope she fixes it soon. I looked amazing in it. It is a french coat for a french bulldog! All I need is a beret and a baguette!


Monday, February 9, 2015

So sorry, NOT!

Mom says that I need to apologize to all my friends at the FSPL, especially Grace. Apparently Mom had made some banana bread for her co-workers, and it is not my fault that she failed to inform me of this fact. She had bundled it up and stuck it in her work bag and then went off to find Dad. I was casually wandering around the living room when I smelled something delicious. Now Mom knows that one of my very important jobs is to inspect any incoming bags. Every time Mom comes back from the supermarket, I make my way into the kitchen to schnuffle through each bag. So really, all I was doing was my job. So once I smelled something yummy, I just had to taste it. I gobbled and gobbled down banana bread until I heard Mom approaching. Not knowing what to do, I fell back into my "I have something I'm not supposed to have" behavior and ran madly about. Mom was confused, because I did  not have anything. So she went into the kitchen to wash dishes. I then gobbled some more until I heard her coming back. Mom came and went to pick up her bag when all of a sudden she realized that she could see the plate that the foil wrapped banana bread was on. That was when I got in trouble. She yelled at me and stuck me in the kitchen with Bastille. And then she told me that I was getting my bottom shaved later! Does she not know how cold it is outside? Now I will have a cold bottom!
    I should probably tell everyone how yesterday started out great, but then went downhill quickly. Mom grabbed Bastille early yesterday morning and took him into the "BATHROOM"! Ha, I thought to myself, Bastille is very stinky and he must be getting a bath! So I listened outside the door but all I could hear was water. I had to wait until he came out to find out all about it. I'll let him tell you.
   It was quite rude of Mecki not to warn me that I was going to get a bath! I was happy that Mom was taking off my collar and harness-I thought that it was bedtime! But no. We went into the bathroom and Mom stuck me in a tub of warm water and then sprayed me with water! My eyes are bulgy to  begin with, but they almost popped out of my head in horror! She covered me with stinky puppy oatmeal shampoo and scrubbed me so hard that I thought my spots would disappear (but they didn't). Then she stuck me in a towel and rubbed me all over. Then I thought I would be able to go play after such indignity, but no, she stuck me back in my pen. And I could see Mecki smirking in the corner by the pantry.
   Sadly, later in the afternoon, Mom dragged me into the bathtub. I get the special shampoo that has to stay on for 10 minutes, then the creme rinse has to stay on for 10 minutes. All in all, it is a horrible 1/2 hour of my life that I can never get back. Mom tried to dry me off, but my wire coat takes a looooooong time to dry. I usually help it along by running full steam down the hallway and then hurling myself onto the carpet and sliding along sticking all the excess water into the carpet. Mom does not appreciate it and Grand-pere thought I was having a fit! Finally I was relatively dry, just in time to go outside where I tried to get Mom to let me off the leash so that I could roll in the snow!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finally fun in the snow!

Well Mom FINALLY let us outside to play in the snow. I've been waiting since Tuesday! Bastille, not so much, but I convinced him that he could eat whatever suet fell from the bird feeder and he agreed to go play in the snow. He is such a baby! Mom made him wear his sweater and his coat! I didn't even want to put my coat on, but she made me!

 I am NOT a baby, I am really the alpha dog only no one believes me! It's just that Mecki has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fur than me! I'm surprised that I have any fur left at all the way it sticks to Mom and Dad, and it is VERY cold outside for a small pup! At least there was some stuff to eat since Mom insists on starving me. I also found the container of blueberries that Dad had put on the floor for Mecki and I ate them all up!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A new bed

Mom brought home a new bed. I think it is because Bastille is very bad and keeps peeing on mine. Quite rude in my opinion. Mom has to keep washing it! Anyway the new bed is awesome because it smells just like my bff Rigby! When she first brought it home, I thought that Rigby must be hiding somewhere and looked all over for him. Then I stood in front of the bed and did the slow and happy tail wag that sweeps from side to side. Here I am enjoying it, even though Mom had banished it and me to the kitchen because I was soggy from insisting on rolling in the snow. Fortunately Bastille is still in his pen cause he is not to be TRUSTED around beds!

Here are Bastille and I playing before the big snow!  Last night Mom was laughing when she brought us inside after our 7:30pm walk. Bastille was in my way (as usual!) so I went under him to get into the living room. This meant that he got a ride on my back until he fell off.
I think that it is quite unfair that Mecki gets all the good stuff! I was trying to claim the bed for myself by peeing on it! I have already peed on the bed in my pen area in the kitchen so that no one else would want it. It is not that I do not want to be housebroken, I just don't like the snow or the cold ! I don't think that I should be forced to do my business out in the cold when I can do it inside where it is warm!

Monday, December 29, 2014

A very good christmas

Today Mom took AT, me and Bastille to the library to see my bff Grace! It was a lot of fun even though Bastille had a fit and was very nippy to people. That didn't bother me, cause then more people pet me cause I DON'T BITE! Mom took some photos of us after the library and the bank (where we got doggie biscuits!)

 This is a christmas photo of Dad and Bastille under the Doctor Who blanket!

This is us after the library and the bank-it was exhausting saying hello to everyone! Bastille likes his little bed. I had a small red bed that my Grandma bought me-but then I ate it!
This is the toy that Mom and Dad scared me with last year! Bastille just tried to eat it! video